Nick Garner is an artist/publisher from Sydney currently working in Copenhagen. He holds a BFA (2007) and MArt (2012) from the College of Fine Arts, Sydney. From 2008–2014 he published Das Superpaper, a quarterly journal on art in Australia, and produced from 2010–2015 the subsequent online video series, Das Platforms. Since 2015, he has been the publisher and editor of Oberon, an occasional journal on art focusing on long-form essays and associative pictorials.

Since 2017, Garner has been the director of Peryton, an exhibition space and wine bar in central Copenhagen, founded as the home to Oberon. Outside of a program of public talks and performances, and an ongoing concert series of experimental music, the main project at Peryton has been a series of exhibitions called The Sunshine. The series invites contributors (artists, curators, writers) to pair works under the glow of artificial daylight, taking as its premise a sort of surrealist theatricality, where we can pretend, maybe for a second, to be in a frozen moment, at the edge of the day, as the sun cusps the horizon.

Outside of his art and publishing practice, Nick Garner has worked on-and-off as a video producer with a range of cultural institutions (commercial/ non-profit/state galleries, universities, biennials, and performing arts companies) and, most recently, as co-director of a feature length documentary on the Australian painter Keith Looby.